Finding Your Way Forward With Modular Connectors

It doesn’t matter how complex an item becomes. Break it apart, and you still have a collection of components. This concept is essential to understand modular connectors. They use fairly standard parts to make up more complex connectors.

modular connector

These connectors allow for more customization to meet the needs of a complex engineering project. It doesn’t really matter what parameters you have – it’s likely that a modular design can meet your need. That’s why modular connectors are gaining ground as a preferred option in the connector industry.

Imagine designer a modular connector as you would building a tower from blocks. You can match the requirements of your design with a large variety of solutions. This puts the engineer in a position to design their own product in an efficient, effective manner.

As you might guess, there is a wide variance in the possible outputs of a modular connector design. These possible outputs can be classified in four major ways:

  1. Fixed-envelope (factory-assembled)
  2. Fixed-envelop (user-assembled)
  3. Expandable-envelope (factory-assembled)
  4. Expandable-envelope (user-assembled)

The fact that the connector can be assembled by either the factory that produces the components OR the user with the unique need adds an additional layer of attractiveness to the idea of modular connections. It’s not always easy to know EXACTLY what you want when submitting an idea for a modular assembly. Having the flexibility to assemble the modular connector with component parts at your own speed (and in your own hands) can, in the end, make the end result a bit easier to attain.

This can be especially helpful in another industry – defense. Military connectors are highly durable and can withstand a lot of abuse (this is an obvious requirement, given the nature of their use). This makes sense, as forces in the field can put them through a literal battle. But they haven’t always been the most flexible. A modular mindset solves this dilemma.